Detox with the Doc

Chemicals are everywhere.  Over time, a buildup of toxins in your body can make you feel bad.


Bio-Toxicity Self Assessment
Count your number of  “Yes”  answers

Do you feel tired or fatigued?
Do you experience early morning stiffness?
Do you feel stiff after periods of rest?
Do you feel dizzy, foggy-headed or have trouble concentrating?
Do you experience cracking joints?
Do you experience frequent back pain or headaches?
Do you commonly eat fast, fatty, processed or fried foods?
Do you experience generalized aches and pains in the body?
Do you experience frequent sinus problems?
Do you use coffee, cigarettes, candy or soda to get “up”?
Are you sleepy in the afternoon?
Do you experience intestinal gas and bloating after meals?
Do you bruise easily?
Do you recover slowly from moderate exercise?
Do you feel you don’t exercise enough or less than 3 times a week?
Do you feel sluggish and need to lose weight?
Do you have food allergies, or are often exposed to chemicals, sedatives or stimulants?
Do you take pain relievers to get rid of aches and pains?
Do you have a family history of arthritis or auto-immune disorders?
Do your bowels move less than once per day?
Are you working or living in a closed environment with exposure to fresh air less than
twice a day?
Do you use regular municipal water (non-filtered) for your shower, for drinking and/or for cooking?
Do you purchase food mostly from the “normal” section of the grocery store, instead of buying
organic fresh foods when available?
Do you neglect to change/replace the filter for the heating/air conditioning?

If your Yes score totals 4 or greater, your current symptoms might be due to toxic overload and may suggest you need a detoxification program to purify your system of toxins and experience being more alive, alert and active !

If you want to consider doing a detox program or get additional information, you can call us at 937 767-1115.

 As no two people have exactly the same genetic detoxification ability, exposure history, diet and health problems, a single program is not suitable for everyone. We attempt to help you with detoxification support to match your needs.

If you would like to read parts of a scientific article reviewing detoxification, click here.

Questionnaires are useful to gauge individual needs. Measuring extracellular water with bioimpedace analysis (BIA) is another useful indicator.

A BIA also measures fat to muscle ratios. Eliminating fat-soluble toxins generally results in fat loss, not muscle loss. Trendy water or juice fasting may cause muscle wasting. Targeted nutrients are needed targeted to support metabolism for daily activities and overall well-being, while supporting internal cleansing.

Blood pressure often improves, as does blood sugar and weight.  Belts often need to be tightened in just 10 days. While some transient reactions to detoxification can occur, bothersome symptoms commonly diminish or may just go away !

There are also blood indicators of toxicity,** which can be used to measure detoxification needs and progress.

We provide pre- and post-detox monitoring by questionnaires, and BIA at a nominal fee. We will be pleased to measure your blood pressure, weight, BMI, pH measurements, hip to waist ratio, and/or help you obtain blood biomarkers tests if you would like those.

Call us to help you evaluate your detox needs, find suitable detox support, and measure your progress.

Out with the Old, in with the New!                                                            



    You can overview a typical 10-day detox at    ClearChange Program
    There you will find a webinar for the ClearChange Program.
    You can download instructions and more.

    * Biotics Research Corporation 2012 "Maintaining Health & Vitality in a Toxic World"

    ** Dr. Jeffrey Bland: Putative serological biomarkers for toxicity (simplified) 2012

    GGT >40
    uric acid >8
    homocysteine >11
    CRP hs > 0.7
    magnesium <2

    ANA >1.125

    apo B/apoA1 >0.6

    Hb A1c >5.5%

    Vit D3 <30

    BMI >27

    body composition >30% body fat
    urinary microalbumin >30 in 24 hr