Electro Meridian Imaging


The EMI Digital Probe™ & Computer Interface Module uses microprocessor technology.  EMI incorporates the ancient and contemporary principles and procedures of acupuncture into a successful, mainstream, Western-based assessment tool.

This hardware and software product combines years of extensive knowledge, research and experience, with the latest technology on the market today.   EMI™ measures the 24 meridian points on the body and automatically enters, graphs, and analyzes those points for safe, accurate, and error proof meridian testing.  Electro Meridian Imaging™ standardized the evaluation and graphing of the Yuan (Source) points and established 200 micro amps as the high value for each meridian being tested.

This system of Contemporary Acupuncture Diagnosis™ and EMI™ has revolutionized the way acupuncture is being practiced. It is a reliable and duplicable contemporary digitally electronic, software based style of examination of pulses.


In 1951, Dr.Yoshio Nakatani MD, PhD developed a method of examining the meridian system of the body through electronic measurements that altered the way acupuncture would be practiced throughout Japan, Europe, Australia and North America.

Dr. Nakatani called this method Ryodoraku: Ryo (good), do (electro-conductive), raku (meridian).  After electronically measuring the meridians, the exam results were manually calculated using a staggered numbering system for graphing.  His pioneering research and development of Ryodoraku would become international within 25 years of it's discovery.


The method of Ryodoraku was refined and renamed Electro Meridian Imaging™ or EMI™ by Dr. John A. Amaro in 1982.  Electro Meridian Imaging was the very first contemporary, acupuncture meridian measurement and diagnosis system that all others are based upon.  EMI™ products have been in production for over a quarter of a century.


Adapted from Electro Meridian Imaging.