Improve your health with nutrigenomics -
changing gene expression* with specific nutrition,
herbs, and nutrient-dense whole food concentrates

*Nutrition influences genetic expression, modifying health status. Foods contain components that send signals to cells in the body, influencing health outcomes.

Your parents passed on to you a vast book of genetic code. Your genes direct appropriate digestive and metabolic response to environmental signals. When you Twinkies, for example, digestive enzymes are secreted to that stimulus.  The digestive and metabolic responses to each food is different.  The saliva secreted for a hamburger is very different that the saliva secreted for an apple.

Think about it:  approximately 65% of the population have the genes for diabetes. About 4% of the population have diabetes. What makes an individual's body shift into diabetes?

The foods eaten send messages to genes, affecting how genes are read, shifting expression of body responses.  This is similarly to the skin taning in response to sunlight, and muscles strengthening with exercise.

You can not change a genetic predisposition to osteoporosis, but sedentary or active lifestyles effect the expression of weak or strong bones.  Having fractures and bone pain is different than being able to play with local grandchildren !  Nutrition, along with activity levels, make huge differences !

The topic has been long studied.  The outcomes of nutritional and other lifestyle modifications are quite predictable.

Nutriceuticals and medical foods can help us reach our "genetic potential through nutrition."  Dietary choices, such as Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium or trace minerals - even what you feed the intestinal bacteria who produce Vitamin K -  make a huge difference

is the regulation of genes through specific nutrients, targeting underlying physiological 
      dysfunctions. There are validated biomarkers, assessment tools, and clinically tested interventions, a
      novel lifestyle systems biology approach to managing and reversing chronic illness."
                                -    Dr. Jeffrey Bland

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