Altzeimer, Cognitive Function and Diabetes

A Huge Alzheimer Tsunami Is Coming At America's Women
        Oct 20,10 Medical News

Connecting the pieces of the Alzheimer's puzzle
        Apr 9,11 Wall Street Journal

Mercury linked to Alzheimer's Disease
        Nov 15,10 Businesswire

Aggressive Diabetes Therapy May Raise Death Risk 
         Mar 2,11 WebMD

Vitamin B is revolutionary new weapon against Alzheimer's Disease
         Mar 26,11 The Telegraph

B vitamins found to halve brain shrinkage in old
          Sep 8,10 WebMD

Trying to Outlaw Dietary Supplements 
           Aug 5,10 emaxhealth

Vitamin E users show lower ALS risk 
            Mar 16,10 Reuters

Study indicates vitamin A plays key role in the human body: nuclear receptor signaling pathways activate genes
            Mar 17,11 EurekAlert

`Pre-Diabetes' Found in 1 in 3 Americans, a 39% Jump Over Last CDC Report 
            Jan 26,11 Bloomberg

Reversing diabetes is possible 
            Feb 20,11 CNN

A Third of 9-Month-Olds Already Obese or Overweight 
            Dec 31,10 Time

Pregnant Women Awash in Chemicals-is that Bad for Baby? 
            Jan 14,10 Time

Pediatricians want tighter regulation of chemicals
           Apr 24, 11 LA Times

Inflamation, cholesterol and toxicity

CDC Report Finds 8% of Americans Have Asthma 
        Jan 12,11 Health Day News

2 in every 9 Americans have arthritis, CDC says 
        Oct 7,10 LA Times

Celiac Disease [wheat allergy] Risk Rises as People Age
        Sep 27,10 Bloomberg

Mental Illness Hit 1 in 5 U.S. Adults in Past Year 
        Nov 18,10 Health Day News

The Downside of Weight Loss - Weight Loss May Release Pollutants Into Bloodstream
Sep7,10 Web MD

Is Losing Weight Toxic? New Study Says Fat Releases Industrial Chemicals 
Sep 7,10 CBS

Banned, contemporary chemical widespread in US pregnant women: HNANES 2003-2004 
         Jan 14,11 Environmental Health News

Exposure to pesticides in pregnancy can lower children's IQ
         Apr 21, 11 Time

Non-stick Cookware And Waterproof Fabrics Linked To Higher Cholesterol Levels In Kids 
          Sep 10,10 Medical News Today

Cholesterol-Busting Statins: Study Raises New Concerns 
          Jun 29,11 ABC News

Questions over statin prescribing: Healthy people may derive no benefit from taking cholesterol-lowering statins, according to a review of previous studies 
           Jan 19,11 BBC

Statins May Lower Testosterone, Libido 
           April 16,10 WebMD

Statins: Bad Idea for People with Good Hearts 
           Jan 20,11 CBS News

More options before bypass surgery, study finds
          Apr 5,11 Wall Street Journal

Despite Uncertain Benefit, Fibrates Commonly Used In U.S., Canada 
          Mar 22,11 Medical News Today

Dietary Supplements Often Contain Harmful Ingredients
         Aut 4,10 US News 

Daily diet soda raises stroke risky by 61%:study
         Feb 13,11 Newmedical

Another Reason to Skip the Soda: High Blood Pressure 
          Feb 28,11 Time

Study: Smog Causes More Heart Attacks Than Cocaine 
          Feb 23,11 Atlantic Wire

Chemicals in indoor swimming pools could be harmful, three studies show 
          Sep 12,10 LA Times

Food dyes' favor fades as possible links to hyperactivity emerge 
          Mar 25,11 Washington Post

No evidence that most autism therapies work
          April 4,11 Reuters 

Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children 
          Dec 17,10 PR Newswire

Processed, Fatty Foods May Dumb Down Your Kids: Study 
          Feb 7,10 Bloomberg

Inflammation is associated with lower intelligence and premature death 
          August, 24, 10:868-873 Brain, Behavior and Immunity

Cancer, Hormones and Diet

Higher Vitamin D Intake Could Cut Cancer Risk 
        Feb 27,11 Health Day News

Cancer Is Probably Man Made Caused By Pollution And Diet 
         Oct 15,10 Medical News Today

Cancer fear over cola colorings: Call to ban ingredient used in coke and Pepsi 
          Feb 17,11 Daily Mail

Bowel Cancer Risk Lowered by Reducing Consumption of Red, Processed Meat 
          Feb 25,11 Bloomberg

Why are food allergies on the rise? 
          Aug 3,10 CNN

Chemicals Linked to Early Menopause 
          Mar 25,11 WebMD

Ghostwritten articles overstate benefits of hormone r
eplacement therapy and downplay harms
          Sep 7,10 EurekAlert

Why hormone therapy may increase the risk of several types of cancer 
          Oct 20,10 LA Times

Health risks fade after hormone therapy stops
          Apr 5,11 Retuers

More support for soy after breast cancer 
          Oct 20,10 LA Times

Broccoli,Vegetables Effectively Fight Cancer Researchers Discover 
          Jan 20,10 Health Day News

Dietary omega-3 fats for treatment of inflammatory joint disease: efficacy and utility
          May 08 Rheum Dis Clin Neur

Diet: High Fiber to Combat Death and Disease 
          Feb 21,11 New York Times

Apples may lower LDL cholesterol in post menopausal women
          Apr 14, 11 Technorati

Poor Eating Habits May Lead to Anemia in Older Women 
         Mar 25,11 Health Day News

Efficient muscles do come from eating spinach 
         Feb 2,11 EmaxHealth

The Perils of Being "Skinny Fat" 
         Feb 20,11 MSN