Therapeutic lifestyle is:                                                                                                                                           
Managing and reversing chronic illness with lifestyle medicine

                      "Nutrigenomics is the regulation of genes through specific nutrients, targeting underlying physiological dysfunctions.  There are validated biomarkers, assessment tools, and clinically tested interventions, a novel lifestyle-systems biology approach to managing and reversing chronic illness."

                                        We love to help kids, and those with 
                                      weight, lipid, pain and fatigue issues !

      *   Enhancing wellness and building organ reserves for healthy aging.


                    Therapeutic lifestyle means adopting habits of living that may 
                       delay the onset of illness by making choices every day that will 
                       enhance health and help prevent disease.

You can consult with us to obtain a personal therapeutic lifestyle program tailored to fit your specific needs that may include:

  • Initial and follow-up testing

  • Practitioner consultations

  • One-to-one lifestyle counseling

  • Solutions for staying active

  • Simple eating guidelines

  • Progress tracking

  • Nutritional product recommendations

  • Appropriate educational materials


Most Important Two Items

      1.  Exercise moderately. 

     2.  Eat more vegetables. 

Practice steaming vegetables.  
Use a steamer, the little folding basket type works fine
First rinse them, cut off dark spots and cut them into equal size pieces.  Cook them lightly, just enough so a fork will go into them. Avoid overcooking.

If you like, season with herbs, pepper or spices, a little butter or cold-processed oil, chopped seeds, quality dressing, sauce, or a sprinkle of unprocessesd sea salt. 

That's all there is to it.  Steaming vegetables is inexpensive, convenient, quick, delicious, filling, elegant and smart !