What does it cost?             

Typical charges:

     An initial brief consultation is offered without charge
     Functional health evaluation                                             $150-250            

     Report and consultation                                                        45-150
     Follow-up progress measurement and lifestyle counseling    65-150       

     Lab tests or imaging                                                          At lab cost

     Nutritional products                             Lowest price recommended by 
                                                                              nutritional companies

Our policy is to discuss fees with you prior to charges being made.  We accept payment the day services are rendered.

Most insurance policies including Medicare exclude coverage for wellness care, health screening tests, and preventative health care.

Evaluation to determine appropriate nutritional supplementation and the cost of nutritional supplements are generally not covered by insurance.
If your insurance company provides these coverages, they reimburse you.

Some health savings accounts and cafeteria plans cover these services. They provide a credit-type card, or reimburse you
 when sent receipts.

We attempt to help you determine your body needs and provide the best of medical foods and nutrient-rich whole food concentrates to help your body function well and as resources for body repair and restoration.   


                         Illness is not a normal part of aging.
                        Reversing and delaying chronic illness 
                                  is a reasonable goal.

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