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Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) includes symptoms associated with a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle a wide range of bothersome physical, mental, and emotional complaints that can vary in number and severity by individual. These symptoms, which may seriously affect daily functioning, can…

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Foods And Pesticides

These Foods are Highest in Pesticides, Try to Buy These OrganicCeleryPeachesStrawberriesApplesBlueberriesNectarinesBell PeppersSpinachCherriesCollard GreensPotatoesGrapes (imported)Green Beans +Kale/Greens + +May contain pesticide residues of special concern These Foods are Lowest in Pesticides*OnionAvocadoSweet CornPineappleMangosSweet PeasAsparagusKiwiCabbageEggplantCantaloupeWatermelonGrapefruitSweet PotatoHoneydew Melon *Low pesticide residue does not necessarily…

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Healthy Resources

Quality resources are needed to meet specific health needs. Unfortunately, consumers face major quality issues. Some nutritional supplement laboratories extract the active ingredients from herbs and other nutritional products, so they can concentrate these ingredients in their products. The remainder…

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