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Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) includes symptoms associated with a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle a wide range of bothersome physical, mental, and emotional complaints that can vary in number and severity by individual. These symptoms, which may seriously affect daily functioning, can begin up to several weeks proper to menstruation and are often attributed to changes in hormone levels (e.g., estrogen) during a woman’s cycle.

While no approach offers complete relief for everyone, some may benefit from nutritional support for promoting healthy estrogen metabolism 1. Simple lifestyle changes have also been shown to help reduce or alleviate common PMS symptoms, which may be exacerbated by stress, unhealthy diets, smoking and alcohol use.

  • PMS affects more than 85% of women at some point in their lives.
  • 3 in 4 menstruating women experience PMS symptoms.
  • Up to 2 in 5 women in the U.S. have symptoms that affect daily living.
  • During perimenopause, a woman may experience additional symptoms or an increase in the severity or duration of her typical PMS symptoms.

Metagenics offers a specialized program that includes a clinically designed dietary plan, lifestyle recommendations, and medical food 2 formulated to relieve symptoms related to menstrual cycles.

1 Metabolism: The physical and Chemical reactions the body’s cells perform to convert food into the energy
for necessary functions throughout the body.

2 Medical Food: Medical foods are formulated with macro and micro nutrients, in therapeutic amounts difficult
to obtain through dietary means, recognized by scientific principles to support the dietary management of a
disease or condition and administered by a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Estrium® Medical Food for PMS Nutritional Support for Symptoms Related to Premenstrual Syndrome
Estrium® is a medical food designed to provide specialized nutritional support for women with premenstrual syndrome. Estrium provides a specialized blend of macronutrients with all essential vitamins1 and minerals, along with non-soy phytoestrogens, antioxidants, and flaxseed hull (equal to approximately one tablespoon of whole flaxseed) that were specially selected for their ability to promote healthy estrogen metabolism and healthy hormone balance2.

Relieves symptoms related to menstrual cycles, such as
Abdominal discomfort
Occasional irritability
Feeling bloated
Minor back, joint, and muscle pain
Joint stiffness
Temporary weight gain
Breast tenderness
Feeling sad or blue Modulates the effects of circulating estrogens with non-soy phytoestrogens from kudzu and flax. Features a high quality, easily digestible rice protein concentrate.

Formulated with antioxidants, fiber, and a variety of well-researched ingredients.

1 Vitamins are substances required by the body for normal functioning, growth, and development. There are 13 essential vitamins that must be obtained through dietary intake.

2 Hormone balance, or healthy levels and ratios

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Estrium® Medical Food compare to other products or approaches?


Lifestyle choices, such as unhealthy foods, may influence hormone metabolism and associated symptoms. Unlike some approaches, this medical food program provides non-soy phytoestrogens (from kudzu and flax) to promote hormone balance. And it was designed to complement dietary recommendations to help you achieve greater success. This product contains only natural ingredients for a safer approach, and has been clinically reviewed at the FMRC.


How does Estrium® Medical Food work?


This product provides research-based nutrients that support healthy estrogen metabolism and hormone cycles. It’s enhanced with specific nutrients–including rice protein developed through a patented manufacturing process, phytoestrogens, antioxidants, and fiber–to support hormone balance. Rice protein has a lower allergenic potential than many common animal or vegetable protein sources. This product is recommended for use with a targeted eating plan to help nutritionally manage PMS symptoms.


How long is Estrium® Medical Food typically recommended?


The initial phase of the Estrium Program (with a targeted eating plan) is generally 8 weeks. Depending on your response, your health care professional may suggest that you continue on the program, continue Estrium or the diet alone, or use some other combination of diet and nutritional supplementation. It may also be advised that you take Estrium only in the second half of your menstrual cycle. For best results, follow your health care professional’s guidelines.


Who would benefit from Estrium® Medical Food?


Women experiencing symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) who may benefit from a medical food program to support hormone balance.


Why is Estrium® Medical Food safe?


Medical foods must contain ingredients that are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) or FDA approved, and Metagenics continually evaluates formula ingredients in concert with current nutritional research for optimal safety and effectiveness. Plus, Metagenics’ manufacturing facility has 3 certifications for good manufacturing practices to ensure the highest quality. (This product is suitable for those who may be sensitive to lactose or soy. See online catalog for complete allergen information.)

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